Kids cooking

25 June and 2 July 2022

9 AM - 5:30 PM

278 River Valley Road

For kids 3-13 yo

one session - 90 minutes

Our Kids cooking festival is perfect for kids 3-13 y.o.

Come and cook with us for FREE!

At Tomato Cooking School, kids can get serious about cooking, get new skills and perfect friends bonding. The school is professionally equipped for classes: each student has their own cooking station plus a full set of utensils and ingredients. For this workshop we select two dishes which can be prepared by beginner chefs or those who already have some experience of cooking. Each person cooks independently, under the guidance of our experienced chefs, participants always get to take home their delicious creations to share with the loved ones!

Tomato Cooking school address: 278 RIVER VALLEY ROAD

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