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Tomato Cooking School is a Singaporean company started in 2020 by the owners of Newtonshow camps. Developing our camps, we want to give modern kids more life skills. In our Tomato Cooking Schools, kids learn how to deal with food preparation, study different kitchen appliances, methods and rules on how to cut, bake, fry, store, serve and other steps and aspects of food preparation. Kids learn to cook more than just pizza or cupcakes. Parents will be able to see and try what kids cook, and kids will use these skills in their future adult life. 

We believe that teaching kids to cook is a valuable and practical skill that goes beyond simply preparing meals. Here are several reasons why learning to cook is beneficial for children:

Nutrition Awareness:

  • Cooking involves choosing ingredients and understanding how they contribute to a balanced meal. Kids who learn to cook are more likely to develop a better understanding of nutrition and make healthier food choices.

Basic Life Skill:

  • Cooking is a fundamental life skill that everyone needs. As children grow into adulthood, they will need to feed themselves, and having basic cooking skills ensures they can prepare nutritious and economical meals.

Independence and Self-Reliance:

  • Cooking fosters independence. Kids who can cook are less reliant on pre-packaged or convenience foods, giving them the ability to create meals from scratch and make their own food choices.

Math and Science Skills:

  • Cooking involves measuring ingredients, understanding temperature and cooking times, and applying basic math and science principles. It provides a practical application of these skills in a real-world context. Sometimes, in Tomato School, we incorporate experiments from Newtonshow science to make it more fun.

Cultural Awareness:

  • Learning to cook exposes children to different cuisines and cultural practices. It can foster an appreciation for diverse foods and traditions, encouraging open-mindedness and cultural awareness.

Fine Motor Skills and Coordination:

  • Chopping, stirring, and other cooking tasks require fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Engaging in these activities helps children develop and refine their motor skills. Tomato School is open for kids as small as 3 years old. Everyone can benefit.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

  • Cooking can be collaborative, especially when preparing meals for a family or group. It teaches kids to collaborate, share responsibilities, and communicate effectively. Tomato Schools always try to group kids by age and assign tasks according to kids' level.

Time Management:

  • Cooking involves managing time effectively, from meal planning and preparation to coordinating multiple tasks. Kids learn the importance of time management and organization.

Creativity and Self-Expression:

  • Cooking allows for creativity in choosing ingredients, flavours, and presentation. Kids can experiment with different recipes, tastes, and techniques, expressing their creativity in the kitchen.

Economic Awareness:

  • Understanding the cost of ingredients and the economics of meal preparation is an important aspect of cooking. Kids who learn to cook are more likely to appreciate the value of money in food choices.

Health and Wellness:

  • Cooking at home gives kids more control over the ingredients in their meals, promoting a healthier lifestyle. It can also instil a sense of responsibility for personal well-being.

Family Bonding:

  • We provide photos and videos, which parents can use to discuss their day and new skills with their kids. Kids will bring home their yummy dishes, and you can try them together and decide what you want to cook next. The Recipe book is provided, so you can easily repeat camp dishes with the help of your little one.

In summary, Tomato School believes that teaching kids to cook equips them with essential life skills, promotes healthy habits, and contributes to their overall development. It's a valuable investment in their future well-being and independence. We will continue writing this story about kids' development in Singapore for many more years!

Our Team

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We have a very ambitious and experienced chef, Domenik, who creates our menus. Domenik is a graduate of Singapore's renowned Nanyang Polytechnic and is currently studying at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Domenik has ample experience of working in restaurants across Singapore, including the modern European restaurant, 'Beurre' and 3 Michelin starred restaurant, 'Zen'. Quite simply, cooking is his passion!  Domenik has prior experience working with little chefs and knows how to create the best programmes for them - complicated enough to learn something new but fun enough to keep kids motivated!

You can see Domenik's works here:

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