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How to get to the camp

How do I get details about the camp location?

All our locations are fixed and depend on your registration details. You will get a location reminder on the week before camp week. We have videos and photos for all our locations to make your life easier.


If I come by car?

You can easily find parking in walking distance from all our venues. If you need assistance with this - just let us know.


Do you have a school bus?

Yes, we can provide school buses by request. We minimize child time on the bus and usually ask transport companies to offer smaller vehicles.


How reliable is the school bus?

We use the Schoolber bus company, which provides daily transportation for kids at many local and international schools. We always give our maximum support; the same goes for Schoolber if parents have any requests during the camp.


Can I give a different address for different days?

Yes, you can give different pickup and drop-off points depending on the child's next activity on that day. But please provide all the information in advance.


How flexible is your bus option?

You can book a bus for any number of rides and days. You can take only the mornings, evenings or days you need.

Teachers questions

How many kids are in the class?

This depends on location, but in all cooking classes, we have one main chief to lead + at least one more teacher for every five kids. The assistant teacher will help kids and directly interact with their group of 5. 


What about the age of the kids?

We always try to group kids by age as much as possible. We have teachers of different cultures and nationalities, but they all have English as their native language.


Is equipment shared between all kids or its stations?

Some of our equipment is shared - like stoves and ovens, and some big kitchen appliances, like processors or mixers, could be shared in one group. But you can be sure that each child has access to all the equipment needed to do the process hands-on. Like board, knife, bowls, etc - goes to every child. 


We make the process as hands-on as possible, and teachers only help the kids when needed or could be dangerous. Every child tries everything (like working with the oven and stove), even for shared equipment.


We are vegetarian, how about this?

We provide all kinds of food requests - vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, or any other request - please submit in the comments when you have the registration form. Remember to mention allergies, if any! All our food is halal and comes from halal-certified providers. All cooking ingredients are halal, too.


How safe is your course?

Safety is our TOP priority. All our camp activities undergo risk assessment, and we provide additional training for all our teachers to ensure safety controls are in place. On every campus, we have a person responsible for health and safety. CCTV covers all locations.


What if my child is sick?

The well-being of other kids is very important; please keep your child home if you have any doubts about their condition. You can always book missed days in the camp when your child feels better. We are very flexible with this. There are deadlines to use those missed days.

What happens if a public holiday falls within the camp period?

The answer is simple - we are always open. All public holidays, too.

Goodie bags

What will my child receive at the end of the camp?

Your child will receive a branded apron, certificate in our ECO branded bag, limited edition cap, water bottle, link to digital photos and videos from the camp, and cookbook with all camp recipes!

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