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 CNY cooking camp 


First 50 registrations 
get -10% off

22 January to 23 February 2024

  for kids 6-14 y.o.  
  in 4 locations: East, West, Central and Novena. 

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Key Features of the Tomato Cooking School CNY Camp

The Chinese New Year Camp by Tomato Cooking School is a fantastic place where your children can have an amazing time during the holidays and gain valuable culinary experience. It doesn't matter what level of cooking skills the children have, as professional and friendly instructors will support the young chefs. 

As part of our Chinese New Year Cooking Class, we give little ones all the necessary kitchen tools and fresh ingredients. And, of course, we offer our campers great recipes to use during the programme. The meals young chefs prepare at our camp include local products, so they can surely prepare these dishes for their mums and dads at home. 

Chinese New Year Camp Highlights

Our thrilling holiday programme offers little ones plenty of culinary activities in which children will prepare traditional Chinese New Year meals independently. At the CNY Camp, little ones will learn how to cook the following holiday dishes:

  • Pineapple tea jelly

  • Baked vegetarian wanton dumplings

  • Char siu chicken

  • Homemade pineapple tart

Our Culinary Camp in Singapore strives to ensure that the meals made by your children will not only be tasty but also attractive. That's why we allow kids to turn on their imaginations and decorate their dishes as they want. This transforms an ordinary cooking process into a proper art form.

Chinese New Year camp program

Chinese New Year camp plan

Why cook with us?

In our cooking classes we use fresh and high-quality ingredients.

We teach kids to cook healthy food

Cooking is a life-long skill, that will always be useful

Cooking classes build self-confidence and independence

Chinese New Year Cooking Class Registration and Details

Our CNY Holiday Camp is incredibly popular in Singapore. That's why the available slots are typically booked very quickly. Therefore, we recommend saving time and instead booking a slot on our spectacular cooking and baking classes right now. Please complete our registration form to enrol your kids in the CNY camp by Tomatoschool. Completing the form only takes a few minutes.

Creative Learning Environment

We use unique decorations to make cooking spaces look festive for the Chinese New Year. This allows us to create an extraordinary atmosphere. That's why kids feel happy and comfortable at our CNY Holiday Camp in Singapore.
Our festive programme provides little ones with 'gamified' learning. This way, young chefs gain helpful culinary skills without effort as they consider the cooking class a series of entertaining games. Therefore, the time spent in our camp becomes a joyful and lasting memory.

CNY camp prices

5 days:


9AM - 4 PM

Lunch and two snacks

from 100 SGD per day*

*all materials, 2 snacks, lunch, t-shirt, limited edition cap - included, bus - optional

Celebrate Chinese New Year With Us

We are pleased to welcome both preschoolers and schoolchildren to our CNY Holiday Camp. You don't need to prepare packed lunches for your kids because little ones at our camp are provided with excellent meals during the programme. Additionally, so that you don't have to worry about your children, we'll send you daily photos of the activities they take part in. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol in our spectacular cooking camp immediately!

You will see the process

We send you a daily photo and video!
You can see what
YOUR child did and discuss it with them!

Cheerful family vloggers with child daug

CNY Camp Safety Tips and Supervision

Proficient educators instruct children on safety procedures before making our fascinating meals. This involves the rules for handling sharp objects, hot surfaces (stoves, ovens, etc.), and electrical equipment. We also teach kids how to keep their cooking space safe. The latter includes the following:

  • Wiping up spills promptly

  • Making sure their clothes are not in the way

  • Tucking in long hair

We also teach our campers to follow hygiene rules, which include the following:

  • Washing hands thoroughly before preparing food

  • Using different knives, containers, and kitchen boards for vegetables/fruits and meats

  • Proper storage of products

  • Washing kitchen utensils after use

CNY Holiday Camp mentors carefully enforce safety and hygiene rules during our wonderful cooking activities, helping to ensure that nothing will spoil the holidays for your children

  • What types of programmes are available?
    We provide the following formats: Holiday Camps: Monday – Friday, two slots from 9 AM to 12 noon and 1 PM to 4 PM, or you can book full day — 9 AM to 4 PM (lunch will be provided). Seautible for kids from 6 to 14 years old Cooking party: 3 hours cooking class party, slots available on weekends and weekdays, 10 different menus to choose from. Perfect for kids from 5 to 14 y.o.
  • Do my child need to have any prior experience to participate in the cooking party?
    No previous experience is required. Our cooking party programmes are perfect for beguiners. Our talented chiefs will be happy to teach your kids to cook.
  • How can I sign up for the cooking party?
    Choose a preferable menu and click a “Book now” button for quick registration. Or contact us at +65 87 84 28 01 or send us an email at and we would be happy to help!!

CNY holiday camp photos


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