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Festive Decorations at Christmas Camp

cooking camp

for kids from 5 to 14 y.o.

"TOMATO" Cooking School presents new program for Christmas holidays - visit many countries with us and cook their favorive Christmas dishes. A lot to learn for our little chiefs!

Christmas camp for kids from 6 to 14 years old. Kids will be taught how to cook restaurants-level dishes by our experienced and friendly chefs. 

Christmas cooking class runs from 9 AM to 12 noon and from 1 PM to 4 PM (with full day option from 9 AM to 4 PM)


20 November 2023 to 6 January 2024

6 to 14 yo

9 AM to 4 PM

Christmas camp 2023

We are delighted to announce our "French holidays"  Christmas cooking camp for kids who would like to master their cooking skills or who would like to get their first experience. This leisure and educational programme is great for kids aged from 5 to 14 years old. There are two sessions: from 9 AM to 12 noon and 1 PM to 4 PM. You can book a single session or choose both sessions and have lunch in between. 
This year, our traditional Christmas cooking classes are under the exciting theme of French Holidays. Each day participants are going to explore new cuisines and prepare traditional Christmas dishes. Kids and teenagers can experience being real Chefs at Tomato Cooking School, which might be their first step towards a future career! Holiday cooking classes are professionally equipped: each participant gets a cooking station together with the necessary ingredients and utensils. Your child will cook independently under the guidance of our supportive and experienced chefs. Young chefs will get to take home all their delicious creations, so you will be able to taste them as well!



Holiday Camp Plan

Availability  (Updated 28.11)

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Why cook in our Christmas camp for kids

We cook from fresh, high quality products

We teach kids to cook healthy food

Cooking is a life-long skill, that will always be useful

Cooking classes build self-confidence and independence



5 days:


9 AM - 12 Noon

and 1 PM -4 PM

Lunch and two snacks

from 400 SGD per week*

*all materials, 2 snacks, lunch, t-shirt, limited edition cap included, bus - optional

You will see the camp activities process

We send you a daily photo and video!
You can see what
YOUR child did and discuss it with them!

Cheerful family vloggers with child daug

Christmas cooking class photos


Unwrap the Joy of Cooking: Christmas Cooking Camp for Kids

With Christmas just around the corner, are you still thinking about how to entertain your children over the holiday? If so, we invite them to our Christmas Camp, which offers comprehensive cooking classes! The programme includes hands-on culinary activities that will provide little ones with kitchen equipment skills, lasting memories, and loads of positive emotions.

After participating in our Christmas Camp in Singapore, young chefs will be able to prepare exciting and eye-catching dishes for a festive table. Furthermore, we teach children cooking secrets that will be useful for them in daily life. Besides, who knows, maybe your kids will even become famous chefs in the future after uncovering their hidden culinary talents at our camp.

The Magic of a Christmas Cooking Camp


We ensure a truly enchanting atmosphere at our Christmas Camp for Kids by providing little ones with experienced educators and marvellously decorated kitchens. Combined with exciting recipes as well as engaging cooking practices, it makes the culinary programme a wonderful blend of holiday spirit, culinary education, and great fun. We can cater to children with all levels of cooking experience because our proficient instructors are qualified to teach campers cooking from the very basics. That’s why we are glad to see kids from ages 5 to 14. at our camp.

Discovering Culinary Skills


At our Christmas Camp, kids gain a lot of helpful cooking abilities, including the following: Sharps skills. We teach children to work correctly and safely with knives, hand graters, and other sharp kitchen tools. Electrical kitchen equipment skills. This involves working with food processors, blenders, toasters, and other electrical kitchen appliances. Hot surface skills. As part of our cooking and baking classes, your children will learn how to deal with stoves, ovens, skillets, pans, and other hot kitchen surfaces. Abilities such as these help little ones avoid injuries when cooking at home and enable them to handle kitchen appliances confidently. On top of that, your kids will learn to prepare not only easy-to-make snacks but also quite complex dishes within our Christmas Cooking and Baking Class.

The Christmas Menu


At our Christmas baking and cooking camp, your kids will learn how to prepare the following delicious foods: Light yet hearty sandwiches Mind-blowing and exciting-looking desserts Piquant and wholesome drinks Fully fledged meals Separately, the foods cooked during our wonderful Christmas Baking Class in Singapore are worth mentioning. These delicious dishes include different kinds of pizza and tarts.

Holiday Spirit and Creativity


We want the dishes cooked by the little ones at our Christmas Cooking Class to be tasty and visually attractive. That's why our educators teach young chefs plenty of decorating techniques, including the following: Making chocolate shapes and patterns Making edible flowers Cutting roses out of tomatoes Creating vegetable spirals Creating citrus stars from oranges, lemons, or limes Decorating with original patterns using sauces Moreover, we encourage creativity at our Kids' Christmas Camp by allowing young chefs to come up with their own decorating techniques. That's particularly essential for Xmas, as this holiday requires the creation of a festive and joyful atmosphere, making proper food presentation especially important. Furthermore, the dishes you present at Christmas have to look attractive.

Safety and Supervision


Our instructors are careful to make sure that the little ones follow the kitchen safety rules. This involves the following: Wearing non-slip shoes Timely removal of wet spots from the floor Cooking with their hair tied back Avoiding long fingernails We provide kids with the freshest ingredients to prepare the dishes at our Christmas Cooking Class in Singapore, in order to maximise their nutritional value and prevent food poisoning. Also, your children are offered cooking recipes that only contain seasonal vegetables and fruits. Thus, young chefs can easily prepare the dishes they have learned at home. Furthermore, we provide campers with specific vegetarian and raw food menus. Finally, our nutritionists can create recipes that meet your kids' allergenic needs.

Enrol in the Christmas Cooking Camp

If you want your children to have a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and at the same time gain useful culinary skills, book our cooking classes today! At the Christmas Holiday Camp, they'll experience a lot of good vibes, learn new things about cooking, have a unique festive experience, and gain new friends.

  • What types of programmes are available?
    We provide the following formats: Holiday Camps: Monday – Friday, two slots from 9 AM to 12 noon and 1 PM to 4 PM, or you can book full day — 9 AM to 4 PM (lunch will be provided). Seautible for kids from 6 to 14 years old Cooking party: 3 hours cooking class party, slots available on weekends and weekdays, 10 different menus to choose from. Perfect for kids from 5 to 14 y.o.
  • Do my child need to have any prior experience to participate in the cooking party?
    No previous experience is required. Our cooking party programmes are perfect for beguiners. Our talented chiefs will be happy to teach your kids to cook.
  • How can I sign up for the cooking party?
    Choose a preferable menu and click a “Book now” button for quick registration. Or contact us at +65 87 84 28 01 or send us an email at and we would be happy to help!!

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